Sneaky Brand and Northern Soles | Waterproof Trainer Spray

Waterproof Trainer Spray | Northern Sole (Lewis Mattison) is one of the north of England`s most respected sneakerheads doing reviews and colab videos that have gotten thousands of views on youtube. Sneaky brand is proud to collaborate on videos with him which showcase how effective Sneaky spray shoe protector is at protecting your sneakers and shoes from the elements.

Sneaky’s waterproof trainer spray and shoe protector`s hydrophobic waterproof spray is at the forefront of sneaker waterproofing technology.

Effectively repelling any and all kinds of dirt and moisture from your fresh kicks so that they cannot be stained and will remain looking good for longer. Sneaky brand`s sneaky spray shoe protector can be used on all materials such as nubuck, suede, canvas and mesh.

Sneaky brand`s moisture repelling waterproof trainer spray protects all of the best kicks such as Nike Air Max, Converse, Adidas Originals, Vans and Yeezy`s from getting stained and dirty. The spray can also waterproof and protect other types of shoes such as Ugg boots

No one wants to be the person who gets stains on their new sneakers and that’s why Sneaky’s waterproof trainer spray is an essential to keep your kicks looking good. The spray works so well it can even repel red wine, sauce and Coca-Cola. Your sneakers never need to be dirty again.

Sneaky spray is one of the leading shoe care sprays on the market and as seen in the video can completely protect your shoes from water and stain damage. For more proof of Sneaky spray`s sneaker protecting properties check out the other videos on the Sneaky brand website and see for yourself how effective Sneaky spray is at protecting your sneaks.

Sneaky spray`s shoe protector spray is the best value for money trainer protecting spray and is available along with the rest of the Sneaky Brand shoe care range online and in stores around the world


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