Sneaky Wipes clean Nike Flyknit Racer Trainers | Trainer Wipes

Trainer Wipes | Flyknit technology was unveiled in 2012 and when the Flyknit racer was released it was instantly recognized as a classic in sneaker design for its innovative use of knit, lightness and sporty aesthetic.

It is one of the lightest running shoes on the market and is revered by sneakerheads around the world. The flyknit is such an important step forward in running shoes that Nike has even announced the release of a commemorative Flyknit for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Sneaky trainer wipes, the best in sneaker and trainer cleaning technology from sneaky brand can restore your flyknit racer trainers to their original clean state. Sneaky sneaky and trainer wipes effectively remove, dirt and mud to ensure your sneakers are clean. And are excellent at cleaning flyknit racers and making sure you have clean trainers.

At Sneaky Brand keeping your kicks clean and fresh is important to us and that’s why our shoe wipes are specially formulated to ensure your shoes stay looking brand new.

There’s nothing worse than having dirty sneakers, which is why you should always have a packet of sneaky shoe wipes with you in case of a shoe-related emergency the sneaky brand approved micro beads on one side of the shoe wipe help to agitate the dirt and the smooth side removes dirt from the upper to make your sneakers sneaky clean and with 12 wipes cleaning your trainers will be easy for a long timeSneaky Wipes clean Nike Flyknit Racer Trainers | Trainer Wipes

Sneaky shoe wipes are not just good for cleaning flyknit racers they can clean a multitude of sneakers such as Air max, Jordans, Adidas originals, Yeezy boost, Vans and an assortment of other sneakers. However the wipes can be used on all types of footwear including boots, shoes and sports shoes.

Sneaky trainer wipes are the best value sneaker and trainer wipes on the market and are available online and in stores around the world


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