Looking Cool With Sneaky Waterproof Trainer Spray

Docta Cosmic and Sneaky Brand on Looking Cool and Waterproof Spray for Trainers.

Looking cool and waterproof spray for trainers – Docta Cosmic and Sneaky Brand. “When music, style and trainers collide I believe there’s something special beginning,” commented Cosmic.  Kev Lee from Sneaky picked up, “we are proud to announce a special collaboration with an established and growing talent in Docta Cosmic aka Crowd Controller who has become the latest addition to the Sneaky family as a brand ambassador.”

Not content with his musical talents he is also a DJ and manager for MOBO award winning hip hop duo Krept and Konan who are on the Virgin EMI label. They are one of the hottest talents in the UK right now having shot to fame with their original mix tape Young Kingz and having completed their Night To Remember UK tour.

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Puma have also recognised the talents of Docta Cosmic given the very smart embroidery COSMIC logo on his sweat top and head to toe support from the famous German sportswear brand.

“When it comes to trainers it’s hugely important to look and feel sharp for whatever occasion,” said Cosmic. “Sneaky product do just that and Sneaky Spray will waterproof trainers and after a crazy night in the clubs Sneaky shoe wipes will take away that night grime,” he added.

On Docta Cosmics feet are a slick pair of Puma high tops. Puma famed for their smooth leather uppers and suede fabrics is the perfect shoe for Sneaky Spray to waterproof trainers and act as a suede protector. We asked Docta Cosmic what was important to him to waterproof trainers and he said “I want to know that wherever I am that if I have waterproof trainers I am going to be less concerned when I’m on the go – and I’m on the go a lot”.

“We’ll be following the journeys of Docta Cosmic and Krept and Konan over the next few months as we charter their ongoing success, and, Sneaky products to waterproof trainers and shoe cleaning won’t be too far away from their travels,” said Kev.


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    White trainers stay white, for sure they do with Sneaky spray

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