Trainer Cleaner

We know your trainers keep your feet clean, right? But, what keeps your trainers clean? Sneaky Brand have a range of different trainer cleaner to ensure your trainers are looking in perfect condition 24/7. Our Sneaky shoe cleaner is the best trainer cleaner for sneakers as it has premium deep cleaning solution for your shoes, trainers and boots. The shoe cleaner has a unique applicator that creates a foam cleaning solution straight from the bottle. Why not add our Sneaky Brush to your basket to help get rid of dirt and leave your shoes looking extra clean? If you're out and about and need a quick trainer cleaning solution, opt for our sneaky wipes. Sneaky Wipes are premium dual sided shoe wipes for cleaning shoes, sneakers and trainers. Each wipe has one side of raised rubber dots to help remove and scrub out dirt. A pair of white trainers are essential to anyones closet, but how do we keep them looking clean? Our white trainer cleaner items will have your white trainers looking fresh in no time, use our sneaky eraser which includes a crystallised rubber that lifts dirt from your shoe or trainer fibres. Have your trainers got cracked and stained midsoles? Look no further than our Sneaky midsole pen, the paint is flexible and waterproof designed to repaint your cracked and stained midsole. Simply apply layers as desired and restore your trainers back to their original glory. Or do you fancy a new colour? Use the pen to give your trainers a new look or colourway! How do you prevent your shoes from getting dirty in the first place? Use our Sneaky Proof Performance Protector Spray which acts against rain, stains, and water for hats, shoes, accessories and clothing. The ultra-repellent formula is invisible, breathable, fast acting and includes super nano technology.