Whats the best product for cleaning suede, nubuck and rubber soles?

We would recommend our Sneaky Eraser, this is a dry cleaning solution which will remove dirt and stains without the use of water. Sneaky Eraser can also clean up white rubber soles and toe caps.

How do I protect and clean Ugg Boots?

Ugg Boots are generally made of Sheepskin which can be very porous. Sneaky Spray will certainly help improve water and stain repellency of your Uggs. We recommend to always apply to new Uggs and ensure your Uggs are clean and free of dust and dirt. Spray Uggs until completely wet - this ensures the sheepskin has bonded with the formula. Leaves to dry for 24-48hrs. Repeat the process to ensure maximum protection. For generally cleaning of dirt and marks we would recommend you use a dry cleaning solution like our Sneaky Eraser.

How do I use Sneaky products?

Please refer to our "How To" guides.

What is the difference between Sneaky Spray and other similar brands?

Not much! Our product is as good, long lasting and most importantly great value. Don't be fooled in to buying overpriced and over hyped products! For example you can buy two cans of Sneaky Spray for less than the price of one can from other brands. All our products are high quality and better value than most of the products on the market.

How long will Sneaky Spray last?

One application has been tested to last over 1 year! It does really depend on how you use your footwear and amount of solution applied. The protection will reduce due to the abrasive nature of the elements it is put under (cleaning, scuff marks, beer, Branston pickle - 'other pickles also available' etc..) however Sneaky Spray is one of the most long lasting protectors in the market. For general use we would recommend to re-apply every month or after cleaning/heavy use.

What will Sneaky Spray protect against?

Sneaky Spray contains nano based technology which acts as a repellent. It will protect against most common liquids and stains including water, rain, mucky puddles, juices, fizzy drinks, beer, wine and sauces!

What materials and products does Sneaky Spray work on?

Many types of materials including leather, canvas, nubuck and that all important Holy Grail of materials suede! Sneaky Spray can also protect your hats, bags, backpacks, and clothing.