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Sneaky – Trainer Protector Spray – why you need it.

Protecting fresh Adidas NMD, Yeezys or Nike Air Jordan should not be costly or complicated. Sneaky believes simplicity is the key to success in shoe care protection. Whatever trainers or shoes you have they are worth protecting, cleaning and looking box fresh. How vexed do you become when you get bumped in a bar and they make you spill your drink over your trainers? What if you could feel fully confident that whatever comes your trainers way there is a cleaner and protector at hand. There is Sneaky.

Sneaky’s market leading shoe protector spray and trainer protector spray will help you with the never-ending battle of keeping your kicks, sneakers, trainers and shoes clean. Sneaky is a super premium hydrophobic protector. So what does this mean? (Here comes the waterproof science….) A superhydrophobic chemicals provide a nanoscopic coating to the surface or fibres that’s repels water. Droplets hitting the coating can fully rebound or bead away. Sneaky trainer protector spray has this revolutionary technology that creates an invisible barrier on your shoes, lets them breath and protects against stains. That’s not all, Sneaky’s waterproof barrier technology lasts a long time before reapplication is required.

Take a look at Sneaky trainer protector waterproof trainers in our product page video. We offer the best pricing in the market and some incredible exclusive online deals not available at any other retailer. Don’t be the one with the beer or brown source on their trainers. Don’t over pay for your shoe care, save your money and spend it on the next drop of trainers. Don’t worry about not having time to clean your sneakers or having to find a bowl of water to start the laborious task of cleaning. We have one of the largest ranges of shoe care, shoe and trainer protector in the market to clean and waterproof your shoes. Choose Sneaky.