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    The Story of Sneaky

    Sneaky started in the Winter of 2013 conceived by two life long friends and sneaker enthusiasts who were looking for products to use themselves. Seeing a lack of products in the market that met their requirements of a brand that delivered quality, range and value, they decided to start their own range. Sneaky Wipes was the inaugural product to launch and they were an instant success and now a leading product in the market. A fast growing range of products from protector sprays to shoe trees was inevitable and the rest is now history.

    Sneaky is a lifestyle shoe care brand based in the United Kingdom and serving customers all over the World. Our passion for high quality manufacturing, value based pricing and meeting our customers expectations are the key values we strive to achieve with all our products and offers. We are like you. We love shoes and trainers. We hate when they get dirty so we too want to clean, protect and look after them. We are Sneaky.

    Love Your Sneakers - Keep Them Clean