Shoe Tree

Wanna keep your trainers and shoes crease free? Make sure you add one of our shoe trees to your basket to guarantee you've got the best kept on trend shoes about. Our shoe trees will ensure that your trainers and shoes will keep crease free as well as coming in a design that will allow maximum circulation and air flow inside. With our trending shoe trees you can bet that your Insta shoe pics are gonna look fire. 


What is a shoe tree?

Most shoe trees are made from materials such as rubber can distort, this is called “plastic” deformations, this is where there is no deterioration of the material. Similarly, leather will show wear and tear marks in the most-used areas. The only way to keep the shape of your shoe is to use one of our Sneaky Brand shoe trees, you will need to do this as soon as you take them off. We have two different types of shoe trees; these include plastic and wood. Keep in mind that there is no all-in-one shoe tree, but that there are shoe trees for every situation. Having the right size shoe tree is important as when placed into the shoe it needs to stretch out enough to smoothen the creases without having to fully squeeze and wedge the shoe tree.

Need to know how to insert the shoe tree?

Start by grabbing the shoe tree and placing it inside of your shoe. When it has reached the end of your shoe then begin to press the two front sides of the shoe tree from the shoe’s exterior to reduce the width. Bend the springs and place the back piece into the shoe. This will then mean that the shoe tree will then be at its minimum length which will stop the heel wearing down from each insertion. Finally, release the shoe tree and make sure that the heel stays on the sole of the shoe.

Got your trainers, or shoes caught in the rain? Here at Sneaky Brand we advise leaving them on their sides with their shoe trees for about an hour, or so. Soles that are made of leather will get rid of the maximum amount of moisture.