Trainer and Shoe Protector

 If you're looking to keep your expensive shoes, or trainers in shop condition? We hear you, our Sneaky Spray is a premium shoe and trainer protector spray acting against rain, stains, and water. The ultra repellent formula is invisible, breathable, fast acting and includes super nano technology like no other which will last alot longer, we can say here at Sneaky that we have best trainer protector spray on the market. Wherever you're heading make sure your trainers are crease free with our trainer crease protector trees and shoe crease protector trees. these items are a must have to make sure you're shoe game is on point 24/7. Why not add the Sneaky Shoe Bag to your basket? This is perfect for carrying your shoes, trainers and sneakers while keeping them in prestige condition ready to put back on the shelf on display.